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If you leave a comment and it gets deleted, that means you've been added ♥
This post is where all of my toys are going... separated by maker... thank you all!!

To the playground!Collapse )

Writer's Block: Eat, Drink, Be Merry

Thanksgiving is almost here in the U.S., heralding the start of the holiday season and the first of many meals where you might be confronted with a traditional dish that you happen to find disgusting. What holiday food do you hate to see on the table?
Spinach!! *shudders* I *love* baby spinach & spinach pies, but I cannot eat it in any other form... YUCKO!

For my pregnant friends...

I saw this posted in pregnant (yes, I stalk *grin*) and wanted to pass it along... Britax Marathon deals

I do not know how long these are good for or when they'll sell out, but git goin!



New Eggs!!

Do you think St. Patrick's Day should be a national holiday? If so, click here

41: The Movie Trailer

Here's the link in case you can't see the video... 41 Trailer



The crocodile hunter is dead... I can't believe it!!!

RIP Steve Irwin